Individual Donors

Fostering Great Ideas runs on compassion. We are volunteers and staff, doing what comes naturally –  lending an open hand to children and their families. Our growth is only possible through the support of individual donors, as well as corporations, faith-based organizations, and foundations. Thank you for embracing our work.

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Thank you to the following individuals who have given in 2018 – 2020.

Visionary ($15,000 and up)

Howell and Madeline Adams
Melanie and Michael Fee
Paul and Regina Gay
Chad and Pam Prashad
Betty and Lewis Smoak

Bright Light ($10,000 – $14,999)

Anonymous (3)
Michael and Susan Cinquemani
Missy and Ryan Hoffman

Benefactor ($5,000 – $9,999)

Chris and Heather Bensch
Susan and Steve Bichel
Erin and Stephen Brackbill
Lillian Darby
Chuck and Colleen Hinton
Jimmy and Kristal Kuhlen
Barbara White

Advocate ($1,000 – $4,999)

Dawn and Tom Anderson
Betsy Anthony
Blair and Jon Bailey
Jessica and Neil Barley
Joan and Tom Barnet
Kathy and Nate Barrett
Paula and Stan Bikulege
William and Annette Bradshaw
Candice Brady
George and Reba Brown
Catie and Steve Buckingham
Beth and Eric Burris-Englebardt
Kelly and Tom Byers – Wagner
Mary DuPre and Rush Baker Caldwell
Steve Carter
Amy and Jason Childers
Ann and Wayne Copeland
Rob and Susan Dauler
Bill and Vereen Dennis
Lydia and Scott Dishman
Eric and Julie Dodds
Beth and Dwayne Drake
Keith and Vivienne Drummond
Nathan Einstein
Brittany and Sloan Ellis
Ashton Ells
Ana and Bob Evans
Justin and Kylie Felker
Martha Frist
Andrea Garrard
Hunter Gibson
Ed and Peggy Good
Eric and Helen Graben
Billy and Shauna Havird
Jonathan and Kay Hill
Penny and Rodney Hinton
James and Sheila Hodges
Sherry and Tee Hooper
Bill and Catherine Jacobson
Melissa and Roy Janse
Carol and Fred Jones
Phil and Claudia Kessack
Robin LaCroix
Cindy and Michael Lammon
Ben and Claire Lanz
Barb and Reid Lehman
Jim Liddle
Jon and Mona Lopez
Annie and Jason Maertens
Amanda and Jay Mcabee
Debbie and Tim McCrory
Anna McGaughey
Jill and John Minasi
Eric and Kary Mitchell
Nathalie Morgan
Cara and Eric Morris
Penny O’Callaghan
Jason O’Neal
Nika and Scott Phipps
Lyn Pittman
Lane and Vicki Porter
Frank and Jane Powell
Rachel Redding
Lex Reynolds
Bobbie and Thelmus Rhodes
Bradley Ridlehoover
Bob Robinette
Megan and Rhett Shirley
Betty and Mike Shull
Dena and Tony Smith
Danny and Lindsey Stemann
Ellen and Keith Stevenson
Betsy and Walt Tanner
Michael and Cheryl Tollison
Cathy and Joe Turner
Amy and Geoff Wasserman
Kevin and Leni Whildin
Adam and Sarah Beth Wood
Beth and Ron Zweigeron

Friend (Up to $999)

Clay and Kyle Adams
Karen and Syed Ally – Jackson
Sonya Anderson
Stacey Atkinson
Andrea Ayers
Shontel Babb
Denise Bain
Doug Baker
Charles Baker
Charles and Peggy Baxter
Aaron and Kristen Barrett
Shelly Bechtold
Carl and Liz Besenbach
Linda and Matthew Blaisdell
Gina Blohm
Julia Boland
Luther and Sally Boliek
Kyle Bracken
Travis Bracken
Alethea Brooks
Tim Brookshire
Ann and Ronnie Brown
Gabrielle Brumfield
Vicky Bryant
Amy Burris
Marsha Campbell
Marie Cantrell
Jennie and Lindsay Carrington
Joe Chacon
Teresa Chandler
Ronald Charping
Dana and Patrick Cheatham
Jim and Toni Childers
Pamela Childers
Jan Clawson
Charles and Sarah Clemmons
Bob and Claudia Coleman
Laura and Ronnie Colson
Lashawnda Colter
Angel Comeau
Anthony Compton
Brent Cooler
Nordson Corp
Rhonda Cox
Shelia Crawford
Matt and Sara Crider
David and Beth Crigler
William Crippin
Amber Crisp
Charlotte and Harold Crout
Julianne Cruce
Roberto Cruz
Lara and Tom Cull-Knight
Ashley Cunningham
Colleen Dambman
Cindy and Robert Davies
Justin Davis
Glen Davis
Bob and Gay Davis
Russ Davis
Paul DeMichael
Sherry DeSorbo
Alejandra Diaz
Augustus Dicks
Richard and Elaine Duncan
William Durrell
Bill and Stacy Durrell
Dan and Kim Eades
Joan Edwards
Jessica Essary
Rey Essex
Courtney Fahey
Marty Fastag
Jessica and Marc Fevrin
Laura Fischman
Matt and Nancy Fitzer
Ivey Floyd
Tiffany Foard
Anisha Foster
James Francis
Tom Gaeto
Linda and Trey Gardner
Kathy and Jonathan Garvin
Jacqueline Gary
Charles and Terry Gentry
Virginia Gilbert
Jay Gilstrap
Arlinda Glenn
Carolyn Glynn
Jaimie and Kevin Gowers
Wanda Greinke
Jesslyn and Warren Griffith
Kathe and Toby Grove
Dan and Lilliana Guttierrez-Kaufman
Rachel Haan
Bryan and Kerstin Haffey
Steven and Michelle Halbert
Carter Hall
Dan and Kelly Hamilton
Jack Hancock
Jason and Danielle Hansen
Bobby and Chris Harrison
Kathy and Tom Harvey
Rob Hassold
Anje Hawkins
Erin and Yogi Hiremath
Justin and Mary Douglas Hirsch
Kymberly Hoffman
Craig and Kate Holderman
Stacie Houston
Kathleeen Howze
Andrea Hudson
Janet and Tom Huskey
Russell Infinger
Kelli and Trey Ingram
Jen Izzo
Jeanette and Jeff Jacobs
Brian Jaudon
Josh Jensen
Amy and Dan Johnson
Crissy Jones-Holtzclaw
Des and Jill Kelly
Angel and Fred King
Dee and Walter Kivett
Kelly Kline
Dave and Rossie Koss
Jeff Kremer
Jordan Laird
Janelle and Rick Landers
Lisa LaRue
Doug and Tyrrell Latham
Derek and Hedrick Lewis
Lisa Lewis
Sue Little
Kimberly Logan-Stowers
Lynda Mallory
Leslie and Molly Maloney-Miller
Alessander Maria
Natalia and Will Martin
Jean Martin
Dianne and Paul Mathes
Darla McCain
Jack McCall
Joyce McCarrell
Nancy McCarrell
Kelsey Mccue
Peggy McCurry
Josh and Julie McGriff
Michael and Stephanie Medlin
Holli and John Meindl
Jessica and Jim Messner
Carmen Mezzacappa
Leticia Milan
Anne and Dan Miller
Fran Moore
Kathryn and Paul Muschick
Victoria Nava
Debbie and Fred Nelson
Art Nichols
Moses Nickerson
Frank and Linda O’Brien
Christine Oglesby
Brenda and Toney Parks
Shelby Perry
Alycia Pinizzotto
Laura and Richard Pinkley
Mary Ann Pires
Kay Pooagith
Renee Prenitzer
Tommye Priest
Damon and Kristy Qualls
Christine and David Quillian
Kerry Quinn
Lesli Reece
Donna and Tim Rhyne
Laurie Riser
Peggy Roberts
Becky and Craig Robinson
Cheves Robinson
Barbara and Peter Rodgers – Watkins
Laurie Rovin
Andrea Samantha
Rhonda Sanchez
Jaqueline Saunders
Rebekah Schafer
Angela Schwartz
Amy and David Seides
Beth Sevilla
Janelle Shelton
Caroline and Trenton Shook
Rebecca Sigmon
Cindy and Ford Silver
Scott and Susan Simmons
Tobe Sizemore
Randy and Sarah Smith
Bonnie Smith
Chris and Nicole Spoden
Bill and Kathy Stevenson
Chauncey and Stephany Strong
Bo and Debbie Stuckey
Brandon Stutzman
Denise and Terhune Sudderth
George Sutherland
Cheryl and Steve Taylor
Jeff and Sherry Taylor
Jeremy Taylor
Kathryn Taylor
Michael and Phyllis Thomerson
Jillian Thorp
Lisa Troidl
Anna and Matthew Turner
Janet and Tommy Utsey
Stephen and Vonnie Vance
Rebecca Vannette
Paul Warner
Doloris Watkins
Brad Westendorf
Ransom and Rosemary White
Emily White
Holly White
Sharon and Victor Whitworth
Susie Wicker
Justin Williams
Sarah Willis
Susan and Michael Wilson
Kimberly and William Wimberly
Claire Winkler
Andrew and Paige Wolfe
Kaitlyn Woodruff
Victoria Wooley
Elyse and Wes Zitnay
Alicia Zmuda
Tina Zwolinski

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