Children in foster care have normal childhood experiences

Let Kids Be Kids


Children in Foster Care face hurdles to enjoy activities most children take for granted. The process can drain precious time from caseworkers, frustrate caregivers, and leave the children feeling powerless to be normal.

This legislation will apply the “Prudent Parent Standard”. Any reasonable parenting decision that is developmentally appropriate for a child, will now be the decision of the care provider. By making the decision process simple and giving more parental authority to the licensed caregiver, we can help the children feel more like children and less like wards of the State.

Key Points

  • Provides greater flexibility and legal authority for caregivers to make prudent decisions for the children in their care.
  • Improves caregiver morale and frees caseworkers to concentrate on core job responsibilities.
  •  Allows children in care to enjoy normal childhood activities.


Policy Details


Current Actions

How you can take action NOW!

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