Family Court Hears About Child Well-Being from Caregiver

Hearing From a Child’s Caregiver is Really Important


Caregivers are currently granted the right to speak in foster care hearings.

S.C. Children’s Code (section 63-7-1630) states the caregiver has “the right to attend the hearing and address the court concerning the child.”

This legislation will enhance that right by requiring notice of the hearing 10 days in advance and will provide the caregiver a right to submit a report to court as well. As the caregiver spends more time with the child than anyone else, this approach can help a child’s voice be heard more clearly.

Key Points

  • The caregiver’s right to speak will be enhanced by a right to submit a court report.
  • Improves outcomes for children by allowing more voices to be heard on their behalf.


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