Fostering Great Ideas focuses on restoring dignity, building healthy relationships, and engaging the community. Read about some of the lives we have changed:

Samantha & Jake's Story

Samantha & Jake’s Story

Sisters Hanna & Kacie - read their story

Hanna & Kacie’s Story

Read Celeste's story

Celeste’s Story

Read Brent & Bryson's story

Brent & Bryson’s Story

Read Tasha & Stacy's Story

Tasha & Stacy’s Story

Read James' Story

James’ Story









Reaching Normalcy - stories of mentoring through FGI  Reaching Normalcy
The support most of us take for granted is not a given for youth living in foster care. Read inspiring stories of youth lives changed through our Life Support mentoring.



…and, if you like inspirational quotes, read below…

Life Support Mentor Program:
Youth in foster care were asked what they wanted to say about their mentor:

“I love her and I love how I can talk to her about anything.”


“She is nice to me and helps me with my problems and I appreciate her so much and love her.”

Why I love my mentorWe asked the youth to write down “The #1 thing I want to say about my mentor is this:” The responses were frank, humbling, and show the incredible value of this relationship. Watch the video.




Operation Bear Hug:
Case workers distributing the teddy bears were asked about the giving experience:

“This was the family’s first visit with the child, and the parents were 20 minutes late… During this time I sang to the child and played games to soothe her; however nothing seemed to work. I took the child to the Bear closet and her eyes lit up! She took her time selecting a bear, and when she did the two were inseparable. Thanks!”


“It was good to see the bear bring a smile to child’s face during a confusing time for her.”


Life In Limbo:
Participants were asked their reflections after experiencing the simulation:

“I just wanted to say one thing… for the first time I got see how the [birth] parents feel. I have never been in contact with [birth] parents, as a foster parent. I always had a negative, have to admit, attitude toward them, but once I heard their history, and what they’ve been through, it just opened me up more to, you know, how can I help…  I never felt that way before – thank you so much.”


“It is so powerful, when people experience what kids actually go through, during the taking of a child out of the home, it is an experience like non other, so I encourage you greatly to do one of these at your church or your foster parent association, or anything of that caliber, it would be worth your time.”


Thanksgiving Grace:

“I would like to commend you and the volunteers on your work and dedication with Thanksgiving Grace. Excellent job!!! It was an awesome experience. I sincerely enjoyed myself and my families were elated as well. Kudos to all involved.” – Case Manager

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