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On Entering Foster Care – This video intentionally has no sound… Children enter foster care through no fault of their own. They rely on us to be their voice:


Siblings living in different foster placements miss each other. If parents no longer make family visits, the siblings long even more for one another. Through Sib-Link, sibling bonds are restored – view from a child’s perspective.


Fostering Great Ideas strengthens relationships that matter most to children in foster care. One initiative is “Life Support”, a dedicated mentoring program for youth in foster care. This is the story of five young adults who were in care: Mentee Reflections.


Fostering Great Ideas encourages birth moms to reach goals on their treatment plan through “Moms Matter”. View this testimonial from one of the moms who completed the program:


What’s it like to be in Foster Care? How does it feel when your child is taken from you? How do foster parents cope? Explore these and other questions as a participant of Life in Limbo. Get a taste of the experience here.

Life In Limbo from Fostering Great Ideas on Vimeo


Fostering Great Ideas provides a valuable resource – listen as SC Dept of Social Services Foster Care team members talk about how FGI is helping kids in foster care.


We asked the youth to write down “The #1 thing I want to say about my mentor is this:” The responses were frank, humbling, and show the incredible value of this relationship.

Why I Love My Mentor from Fostering Great Ideas on Vimeo.


View a powerful video on “Life After Foster Care”, as told by the teens themselves.

Video link







A young man leaves foster care after 20 years. Listen to his story:

Watch “ReMoved” and follow the emotional story through the eyes of a young girl taken from her home and placed into foster care.

ReMoved from HESCHLE on Vimeo.


“Having your personal items thrown in a trash bag, it makes you feel really small.” – hear Charell Star Charleston, former foster youth, talk about her experience of moving placements in Foster Care: Trash Bags.

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