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At Fostering Great Ideas, our goal is to improve the experience for every child in foster care.

These children suffer a loss of family, emotional trauma, and a loss of control over their future; their long-term statistics are shocking. But healing for these children is possible: the greater the community support network, the greater the healing.

At Fostering Great Ideas, we define the needs of children in foster care, focus on innovative new ways to help, and spread our work through communities across the Nation. Our “Great Ideas” are implemented by volunteers, foster parents, group home staff, and social services. Our goal across all these partnerships is to give children a better experience while in foster care.

Our success shows in the lives of the children: healthier relationships (instead of broken ones); improved emotional well-being (less trauma and anxieties); greater stability (fewer placement moves); and quantifiable benchmarks in life after foster care (instead of acceptance of the current statistics).

We believe:


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