Loving Through Uncertainty

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The spread of the COVID 19 virus has raised the world’s anxiety level. We are concerned for our elderly and medically fragile loved ones most of all. As faith gatherings, business conferences, vacations and concerts are canceled, we are wondering, “What’s next? When will this all end?” We don’t know, and for many of us, the anxiety can increase every day.

How do we make it through all this?

Focus on Mental Health

Take time to use meditation, prayer, music, exercise, time in nature… any activity that gives us a break from the stress. Each day, we can spend time restoring our internal battery. 

Focus on Relationships

As we practice “social distancing”, let’s also practice social connecting with individuals who need us. Take a moment to call your sibling or an old friend. Call someone who lives isolated or alone. Check on your neighbor. Turn off the chatter for a few minutes or hours, and find an opportunity to reach out to someone. Let us focus on the incredible power of loving relationships.

Today, Let’s Remember Those Who Love Us, and Those Who Need Us

Today, we are collectively anxious. Tomorrow, the situation may not change. Supporting each other can be the greatest antidote of all. 

Sad teen sitting on the grass in a park and a woman hand offering help with a green background

Positive and Consistent Relationships

Our purpose is to walk with children in foster care. They live in constant uncertainty. Placed within a State-run system for their safety, each child is scared. “What will happen next? Why can’t I go home now? When will this all end?” Their anxiety can increase every day.

What helps these children most of all?

Positive and consistent relationships: the caregiver who opens her home; the mentor who walks alongside; the tutor who encourages; the sibling who protects; the case worker who listens; the mother who steps up; the father, aunt, or grandparent who stands strong. 

Thank you for helping Fostering Great Ideas serve over 300 children through the power of relationships. Let us continue to care for one another during this time of uncertainty. Love is powerful.

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