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Tutor Match®

Every child deserves the chance to reach their educational potential.


86% of children in foster care perform below their grade level in math.

Children in foster care often fall behind in school. Many change schools when placed into care, making it even harder to keep up academically. Their standardized test scores are 15 to 20 percentile points below their peers who didn’t enter foster care.

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Tutor Match® provides free, quality tutoring for children and youth experiencing foster care in South Carolina.

Tutoring occurs weekly and is available for children in all grade levels.

  • Meredith
    As a teen in foster care, doing my homework was the last thing on my mind. I was in constant survival mode. Before I could think about my education, I had to survive in a strange classroom where I felt judged by everyone. I felt less than everyone around me.
    Foster Care Alumni
  • Crystial
    Our (foster) daughter looked forward to it every week. Her teacher sent home notes saying she was more engaged at school and she started raising her hand at read-alouds. It made a world of difference for her in just two months!
    Foster Parent
  • Celine
    Just a little bit of encouragement goes so far and helps a child believe that with hard work they can accomplish anything.
    Volunteer Tutor

Do you know someone in SC who can benefit from Tutor Match®?

Give them a referral.

Anyone can complete a referral for Tutor Match® – youth, foster parents, group home staff, case workers, CASA/GALs, mentors, family members, and friends. Once a referral is received, our team will reach out to you, the youth, and the youth’s case worker.

Areas of Service

We currently offer free in-person and virtual tutoring across South Carolina.

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Are you interested in becoming a Tutor Match® tutor for a child experiencing foster care in South Carolina?

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