Brent & Bryson’s Story

Teenage BrothersMeet Brent, a 16-year old boy with autism. Meet his brother Bryson, a 14-year old with developmental delays. Two brothers, both victims of severe neglect early in life, now living in separate foster placements. The confusion and uncertainty of a broken family heightens Brent’s autistic tendencies.
He frequently asks to see his brother.

Teen brothers: removed, without mom, separated. BUT this story has hope:

Thanks to Fostering Great Ideas’ Sib-Link initiative, Brent and Bryson have visited each other on a monthly basis for the past year. Their bond is re-established. Uncertainty is lower. At their last visit, Brent told Bryson not to be sad because they would see each other again real soon.

  • During one Sib-Link visit, they went into Goodwill. Although Brent carried only a few dollars, he was determined to buy something to share with his younger brother. He found the perfect thing: an old set of playing cards, with a unique design and a well-worn feel. Brent was bursting with pride as he told his foster mom he bought the set to give one deck to his younger brother.
  • At another Sib-Link visit, the brothers met at the park for a picnic and enjoyed outdoor play. Their contagious smiles confirmed to the adults present just how valuable these visits are. Compelled, Brent’s foster mom made an offer: she would take both boys into her home to help restore their bond. Bryson moved in last month. Brent is overjoyed to have his brother living with him, at last.

The future already seems brighter for these kids.
Fostering Great Ideas: bringing hope to children in care.


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