James’ Story

James is a regular kid in a tough situation. Due to various circumstances, James and his 3 siblings have been living in foster care in 3 separate placements. Adding to the upheaval, Mom’s custody rights were recently terminated.

James: removed, without mom, uncertain. BUT this story has hope:

·         James gets a mentor! Many people in James’ life come and go: family members, caregivers, case workers, court judges. Fostering Great Ideas’ Life Support initiative paired James with a volunteer mentor to stick by him. It’s been 2 years now, and James knows his mentor is always available. It feels good to have someone he can count on.

·         James gets to visit his sister and brothers! Thanks to Fostering Great Ideas’ Sib-Link initiative, James now visits with his siblings each month. Knowing  that these visits are a certainty, James can finally learn to enjoy their times together.

·         James gets a new foster family! The Payton family came to know James through volunteering at his group home. The Paytons grew a special place in their hearts for James, knowing he desperately wanted a foster family, but that with 5 children of their own, they could not qualify. That is, until a new SC law passed. Fostering Great Ideas’ Speak Up initiative pushed for legislation allowing larger, qualified families to foster. Just last week, James moved in with the Paytons.

·         James gets to take a vacation! Fostering Great Ideas’ Speak Up initiative pushed a prudent parent law, allowing caregivers more decision-making authority. Able to be included in the foster family’s out-of-state vacation gave James a new sense of belonging.

The future already seems brighter for this kid. Fostering Great Ideas: bringing hope to children in care.

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