Sisters Forever

Two sisters huggingOur daughter, Hanna, was separated from her sister, Kacie, in foster care. They have lived apart for many years. When Hanna was placed with us for adoption, it added even more miles and hours of travel between them. We wanted the girls to spend time together, to rediscover their relationship as sisters. However, there remained a gap between our need and the resources available via the foster care system. This is when Sib-Link stepped in to bridge that gap, and in so doing changed our family’s future forever!

Over 18 months, Sib-Link organized visits and coordinated schedules to allow our girls to spend as much time together as possible, and to create wonderful memories. They decorated cupcakes, jumped on trampolines, explored museums, and painted pottery. With each visit Sib-Link facilitated, our bonds as a family grew and hope began to take root.

Reintegrating the girls was viewed by many as a nearly impossible feat. However, Sib-Link never wavered in their support for our family. Latece (our Sib-Link coordinator) has been a strength and encouragement to us at every turn, becoming one of the heroes of our adoption journey.

Now, more than a year later, we are excited to see Kacie’s adoption on the horizon. This would not have been possible without Sib-Link and the support they provided. Their compassion for the challenges our girls face, coupled with their understanding of the foster care system, has allowed us an opportunity that seemed impossible only a short time ago. There simply aren’t words to express our gratitude! Without this program, our family would not be what it is today.

Sib-Link restores lifelong bonds for siblings separated through foster care.
In partnership with Social Services and the children’s caregivers, Sib-Link provides high quality, monthly visits to children desperately needing one another.

This story was generously shared by the adoptive family (children’s names have been changed).
Fostering Great Ideas: bringing hope to children in care.

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