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FGI Team
David White, LMSW, MBA
Founder & CEO
864-567-5216  • david.white@fgi4kids.org

David has an MBA in Corporate Finance and an MSW in Child Welfare. After many years in the corporate world, he decided to “jump ship” and has since run two nonprofit organizations.

David’s journey along his change-the-world pathway began as Director of Greenville County First Steps where he focused on early childhood education and parental involvement. Later work as Regional Director of Growing Home Southeast opened his eyes to the complications of the foster care system. Drawn to further addressing the needs of these most vulnerable children, Fostering Great Ideas was incubated and launched. Through FGI, David continues on the quest to go beyond the status quo by challenging the community to tackle seemingly intractable issues and system-wide reforms.

David is also an Adjunct Professor with Clemson University’s MBA in Entrepreneurship program. He teaches a class called Social Entrepreneurship: Changing the World as an Entrepreneur.

Lindsey Hesketh, MSW
COO & Clinical Director
614-599-0999 • lindsey.hesketh@fgi4kids.org

Lindsey has an MSW in Child Welfare. Her entrance into this field began by doing casework with adoptive families and successfully recruiting new foster parents.  From this work, Lindsey developed an entrepreneurial idea to recruit foster families using a digital marketing approach.  In 2016 she began with FGI, and Care2Foster (FGI’s foster parent recruitment and support program) was launched in early 2017. Since then, Lindsey has continually enhanced the organizational’s marketing approach and organizational development. She now oversee’s the company’s day to day operations, and helps the organization become more clinically-minded with all clients served.


Tori Shuler
Director | Denver CO
303-549-3765 • tori.shuler@fgi4kids.org

Marisa Gohr
Parent Advocate | Denver CO
Moms Matter: bringing moms together
720-643-6947 • marisa.gohr@fgi4kids.org

South Carolina

Crissy Wilson
Grief Counselor | SC
Our Common Loss: supporting foster families when children leave their care
864-580-9055 • crissy.wilson@fgi4kids.org

Dena Garzone, CPSS
Parent Advocate | Greenville County SC
Moms Matter: bringing moms together
Ethical Practices & Personal Boundaries Coach
864-569-7946 • dena.garzone@fgi4kids.org

Ebony Cunningham
Program Manager | Spartanburg County SC
Sib-Link: bringing siblings together
864-398-3934 • ebony.cunningham@fgi4kids.org

Hope Coudayre
Education Advocate | Upstate SC
College Fellows: finding necessary support for students who lived in foster care
Tutor Match: bringing children in foster care up to grade level
864-201-2347 • hope.coudayre@fgi4kids.org

Julie Eaton
Program Manager | Greenville County SC
Sib-Link: bringing siblings together
864-209-1364 • julie.eaton@fgi4kids.org

Kaley Lindquist
Director | SC
Care2Foster: foster parent recruitment & support
864-202-6839 • kaley.lindquist@fgi4kids.org

Latece Logan
Director | SC
College Bound Enrichment Camp: college experience for youth in foster care
Program Manager | SC
Life Support: mentoring youth to become successful young adults
864-346-1097 • latece.logan@fgi4kids.org

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