Time Together

Sisters hugging

Tasha and Stacy weren’t sure what was happening when a Social Services case worker picked them up from school one day. They didn’t yet know their mom had been arrested for possession of drugs. The two sisters were placed into separate foster homes, not knowing how long they would stay.

Evaline is a 60-year old grandmother who wants the best for her family. When her adult daughter became addicted to drugs, Evaline entered into depression. Her daughter’s life had become unstable – she was eventually arrested, and her children were placed into foster care. Evaline hadn’t seen her two grandchildren for over six months.

BUT this story has hope:

  • Losing her daughters to foster care was a wake-up call for Tasha and Stacy’s mom. Determined to persevere, Mom focused on her treatment plan and is on-track to reunite with her daughters in a few months.
  • After six months of separation, Tasha and Stacy came to Thanksgiving Grace and shared Thanksgiving with both mom and grandmother. Tears were shed and hope restored.
  • Holidays apart are painful. Thanks to Fostering Great Ideas’ Thanksgiving Grace initiative, families come together to create a positive memory. On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, families enjoy a Thanksgiving meal cooked by volunteers. Sharing holiday time together helps to heal families for better days ahead.

The future already seems brighter for these sisters.
Fostering Great Ideas: bringing hope to children in care.

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