2015 South Carolina Secretary of State “Angels” Announced

South Carolina Secretary of State Mark Hammond Announces Scrooges and Angels for 2015

2015 AngelsFostering Great Ideas was selected as a 2015 South Carolina Secretary of State “Angel”. The Secretary of State annually selects ten organizations that represent some of the most efficient and effective charities in South Carolina. It is a great honor to be selected as on of the ten “Angels” recognized this year!

On November 18, 2015, ten Angels, as well as one Honorary Angel were recognized at a press conference and honored with a reception in the Secretary of State’s office following the announcement. To be selected as an Angel, the charity must have devoted 80% or more of its total expenditures to charitable programs; the charity must have been in existence for three or more years; and, the charity must make good use of volunteer services. Each year the Secretary of State’s Office attempts to showcase Angels with diverse missions, from across South Carolina and outside the state.


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