From Broken to Unbreakable

Sister and brother togetherSamantha (18) and Jake (16) have lived in foster care since 2013; between them, they’ve lived in 11 foster placements. Their experiences left them hopeless and broken. Then came Sib-Link.

They began regular visits in 2016. At first, they barely talked to one another; not because they didn’t love each other, but because they simply didn’t know how to interact. They came from a hostile environment of neglect and abuse.

The first few Sib-Link visits were bonding activities at places like Color Clay Café, where they sat down and painted pottery together. Over time, Samantha and Jake began to communicate and open up, as siblings do.

They have been in the program for two years now and have developed an unbreakable bond. They’ve grown so close that 18 year old Samantha refuses to sign herself out of foster care, so their visits can continue. This decision has also allowed Samantha to stay in school. Her brother, she stated, is the only reason why she is staying in foster care and high school. Without Jake, she would have taken her chances on the streets. Now she plans to graduate from high school, and stay in care until she and her brother are able to live together on their own.

Sib-Link restores lifelong bonds for siblings separated through foster care. In partnership with Social Services and the children’s caregivers, Sib-Link provides high quality, monthly visits to children desperately needing one another.

The future already seems brighter for these kids.
Fostering Great Ideas: bringing hope to children in care.

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