How Are the Children Video Series

How Are the Children? Foster Care Awareness

How Are the Children?

We hosted a 4-part zoom discussion series and talked with real people about real issues in foster care. Find out how Fostering Great Ideas brings together families, children, and volunteers to build brighter futures.

1. Fostering During Uncertainty:

Explore what children feel when entering foster care and how a foster parent can help bring stability, especially at this uncertain time of COVID-19. Hear viewpoints from an alumni of foster care and a seasoned foster parent. Each voice is important, as we strive for the highest quality of care at all times.

2. The Importance of Family:

Explore the importance of family for children separated through no fault of their own. Hear viewpoints from a mom who participates in our Moms Matter support program, and three alumni of foster care who are in our Sib-Link program. Learn how Fostering Great Ideas encourages the importance of healthy family relationships.

3. Academic Struggles and Success

We’ll look at academic statistics of children in care and discuss ways to improve these stats. We’ll be inspired by a student who shows the way forward. Hear from two volunteers from our Tutor Match program, and two alumni of foster care in our College Fellows program. Learn how Fostering Great Ideas inspires academic success for children in foster care.

4. Volunteers Improve Everything:

Delight in hearing from some of our volunteers involved in mentoring and tutoring, and from the youth and children they proudly serve. You’ll meet a volunteer from our Tutor Match program; two CASA/Guardian ad Litem; a mentor from our Life Support program and her mentee who is now a young adult; and a couple who mentored and and then fostered their youth. Through our committed volunteers, Fostering Great Ideas builds meaningful relationships for children in care that opens up possibilities and leads to brighter futures.

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